Unravelling the “Choiceless” Choice of Addiction :

All the time addicts hear, why cant you just stop? Why do you choose to live that way? You’re loosing everything, how can you not care? The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has created a manual of all mental disorders DSM is the standard tool for mental health diagnoses, including substance use disorder (SUD). The APA… Continue reading Unravelling the “Choiceless” Choice of Addiction :

Milestone: One Year Sober

If someone was to ask me “Will you ever get clean from heroin?” a year ago today, I would probably say no. I came to a point where I just accepted the lifestyle of a drug addict and thought I was going to be living the rest of my life under heroins spell. One year… Continue reading Milestone: One Year Sober

Five Songs That Help in Early Recovery

Music in early recovery was an essential tool to assist me through this lifestyle change to sobriety. Music that had depth, meaning, and were powerfully positive are able to help shift your perspective on the world around you. Taking me out of my head of with all the triggers and cravings, music was an assistance… Continue reading Five Songs That Help in Early Recovery

Five ways to reach out for help…

When you’re in need of help it seems like it’s the hardest thing to do. Trying to take on the world alone, carrying the weight on your shoulders fighting your addiction every minute of every day. In AA they say you have to put as much into your recovery as you did your addiction. Easier… Continue reading Five ways to reach out for help…