Living life on lifes terms, sober…

In sobreity or just in life itself, we are just figuring out who we are and what we like while life continues to continue. The good and the bad, all at once.

For me, it has been extremely overwhelming but also rewarding at the same time. Using my new coping skills I’ve been learning in treatment and trying to settle into a routine at home and at work. It is a little crazy at my house because I have rescued four animals so I am always moving.

But then life happens. The world is in chaos right now over the Coronavirus that’s sweeping across the world right now. Making sure we keep what is going on in perspective and not magnify the situation, we can keep a level head to make decisions clearly. People are swarming the markets and stocking up for the world to end leaving some people no supplies at all. Maintain a level head and compassion for others. We are all in this together.

But then life happens, an extreme pain flare up from my herinated disc in my neck and I struggle making my daily commitments and taking care of myself, the animals, and the house. It is very hard for it to not overwhelm me and not completely take me over. Some days are very hard when the pain, cravings, and triggers all are happening at once. I’ve taken two pain management courses at my treatment center and there is alot that goes into chronic pain. Factors like environment, diet, lifestyle, etc have a part into how we cope and deal with our pain. Making sure to keep in perspective of the pain level and to not let it be too intrusive in your mind because the thoughts of pain will focus more on the pain. Also what helps me is having an emergency pain flare up sheet I keep on my refrigerator. It has my solutions I thought of in a clear head to handle my pain. We all know when the pain comes we are not thinking our very best, so this sheet of paper is extremely helpful to keep me balanced.

But then life happens when it’s the anniversary of your best friend who passed away. Those are the hardest days for me to not just to drown in the waves of grief and loss. Sometimes those days are not on a specific anniversary or birthday but just an ordinary Friday when it hits you all it once, memories. Make that the moment of awareness that you still carry this person with you and maybe do a prayer to really shift into mindfulness.

While all this is happening, we have to really tune in into our beings. Also while tuning in, we get out of our heads, and really feel the flow of life. The good and the bad of life are still better then any of my days using.

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